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Date: Saturday November 30, 2019.

Shade’s Mills Conservation Area (Ski Chalet), located at 450 Avenue Rd, Cambridge, Ontario. First right turn as you pass the gate house. *(not CTC race start/finish area). 
OUTRace Banquet: I feel honored and privileged to be hosting the OUTRace banquet at our 1st Annual Ultra Legends 3 hour fun run. Category winners in the OUTRace Series will receive their awards starting at 12:30 pm until 12:45 for the Trail Series and 12:45 pm til 1:00 pm for the Ultra Series category winners. Category winners will have an opportunity to have a group photo taken. Group photos will be posted on the site.
Ultra Legend Recipients: This year we are pleased to announce that Ronald Gehl of Kitchener and Doug Barber of Owen Sound will be the recipients of the first Ultra Legend awards at our First Annual 3 hour Ultra Legends “Fun Run”. 
Ron has been running Ultra races since 1993 and has completed 356 ultra events and over 50 marathons to date. Doug has been running ultra races since 1982 and has completed 162 ultras events and 116 marathons to date.   These two fine runners have inspired many newcomers to the sport. Additional details on their accomplishments will be recognized at the run. 
Run start & finish: Any time between 9 am – 12 pm. 
The course: A well-groomed 5.5 km loop around the perimeter of Shade’s Mills and very easy to follow. The course will be marked with directional pie plate signage.  All turns are to the right and every 500 meters will be marked.
Lap counting: All runners and walkers have the option of recording their own distance achieved in 3 hours. Results will be posted on our CTC site under Ultra Legends run, according to the self-recorded log, located at the aid station.
Aid station: One station at the s/f with water, Gatorade and snacks.
First aid: First aid kits will be available at the aid station at start/finish area.
Showers: No showers available, however, we will have two tents set up as change area.
Cost: The fee is only $27.00 and includes pizza, salad, pop, water, coffee, the traditional OUTRace cake and additional desserts. Gate fee is covered in the cost for all registered participants. Name tags will be provided to all registrants and must be worn during the run and reception.
Draw prizes: One in 5 registered participants will have a chance to win a draw prize starting at 1 pm. This may take 5 - 10 mins, and you must be present in order to collect your prize.

Camp Fire: There will be a camp fire near the awards/food area.
Registration: Online registration with race Roster only and this event will be capped at 100. Exceptions will only be given to category winners if we exceed the cap prior to them knowing, they have received a category award for placing in the series. Category winners will be notified within one week following the completion of the OUTRace series. Category winners who wish to come and receive their award without participating in the 3 hour run, meal, and prizes, are able to do so at no cost to them. For those winners taking this option, we ask that you notify us no later than Tuesday November 26 to ensure that we have you registered for gate entry.