Tony's Recommended Training Schedule
For the Ultimate Canuck 2 Day Staged Even

Let’s be clear, I am not a coach, nutritionist, or one to give advice on injuries, but I have a good feeling on how I would prepare for the Ultimate Canuck Challenge, if I were not directing this wonderfully, crazy event!

Here is a chart that I have been working on over the past year.  This chart is based on kms per day over a 23 week schedule. The emphasis is on "long slow distance", and recommended for those runners who are more concerned about the accomplishment of finishing the Ultimate Canuck event, rather then racing hard, with higher expectations (ie: category win or personal best time)

I firmly believe that starting your back to back training runs 7 weeks prior to the Ultimate Canuck will greatly increase your odds of finishing and becoming an Ultimate Canuck finisher.

Note: The more competitive runners tend to add interval training to their schedules.