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CTC 6 Hour Training Run (Huron Natural Area)

This will take place on Saturday, May 6th from 6am until 12 noon. We will be covering a 6.5 km trail loop. The course will be well marked with flags on main turns and a few cones that leads runners in the right direction (counter clockwise). This training run is totally self assisted. See link to Huron Natural Area: Huron Natural Area for venue. This is a good opportunity to log in some mileage for upcoming road or trail races and meet new friends in the process.

There is a sheltered picnic area located near the parking lots where we will all meet to start the run and some runners like to place their supplies in this area. You will pass the picnic area on every loop. The washroom facilities open between 8am - 9am. Approximately 40 parking spots available on a first come basis and trails are open to the general public. 

The larger group usually arrives for the 8 am start and we ask that runners stay together as a group for the first 3  km to create a social atmosphere. After 3 km (top of hill) runners usually fall into the pace they feel comfortable with.

Looking forward to meeting up with all who wish to participate. 

If you would like to be added to our weekly update on training runs, please send us an email to conquerthecanuck@gmail.com with subject title: Add my name to training run memo.

Note: If you are looking for a training run at Shades Mills (CTC venue), see May 13th training run. Its going to be a big one!

Happy Trails,