Accreditation class AA201706002

This Saturday March 4th, 2017 we will be doing a 2 & 4 hour training run starting at 7am and 9am from Rustic Slice Pizzeria & Gourmet Salads, at 1606 Battler Rd, in Kitchener. Restaurant website: www.rusticslice.ca, located in Kitchener. "amazing menu" 

The restaurant opens at 11 am and they have seating for 35. I am hoping to be there on the hour for those showing up at different times (7. &  9).  

The course is approximately 8.2 km. Route: Start at Rustic Slice and then turn right on Huron Rd. Follow Huron Rd until you reach Parkvale Dr. Turn right at Parkvale Dr and continue until you reach the top (nice steady 1 km climb). At the end of Parkvale Dr, turn left on Woodbine Ave and shortly after turn right on Seabrook Dr and follow to roundabout. Stay right at the roundabout (Fischer-Hallman Rd) and continue to Bleams Rd, turn right at Bleams Rd, and shortly thereafter, turn right at Washburn Dr. Follow to Trillium Dr and turn right. Continue on Trillium Dr to Strasburg Rd and turn right at (four way intersection). Continue a few hundred meters and turn left on Battler Rd to parking lot at Rustic Slice.

Rustic Slice would like to make your experience more comfortable by permitting runners wishing to indulge in some food or drink in their establishment, to use their washroom after the run, for you to change into dry clothes. I will print the above route info and have copies available on the day of the run.

This is a great opportunity to increase your mileage over the winter months and meet new runners, who are training for trail, ultra trail and road races and socialize in a pleasant atmosphere.

Water stop: I will have two cases of bottled water on our porch for anyone who needs. Approximately 2 km into route. See cones in my drive to identify the house.

Note: Would greatly appreciate if the 7 am and 9 am group can stick together for the first 3 km (Fisherhallman @ Seabrook) to create a social atmosphere and serves as a nice warm-up.

Future CTC runs: Huron Natural Area 4hr Sat  March 11th (6.5km loop),   Shades Mills Conservation "4hr course intro" March 25th. (8.33km loop)

CTC training run memo emailed out on Mondays. If interested in being added to our email list, send your request to conquerthecanuck@gmail.com with subject title: Add to CTC training run memo.

Happy training,