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Low cost Running Clubs and no cost Running Groups in the Kitchener/Waterloo Region, Ontario.

Wilmot Runners and Walkers

Generally meets every Thursday evening at 5:30 pm near the splash pad at the Wilmot recreation complex, in Baden. On.

Huron Trail Runners…* No cost group (website:  updates under training runs on
We generally meet every Saturday morning for a trail run at Huron Natural Area in Kitchener at 8 am for the regular group start and 7 am for those wanting the early start or achieve more distance.
The group started in the spring of 2014 by Tony Martin, Roger Parsons, Jeremy Ferguson and Tim Soo. Since the start of the group, we have had over a total of 200 runners join us for our social runs. Training runs can range from 2 – 6 hours, in time on your feet, on this 6.5 km trail loop. The group is very laid back and the greater percentage of runners seem to be training for ½  marathons up to the ultra distance.
The elevation gain/loss is approximately 110 meters per loop with at least 70 – 80% shade. Washrooms are generally open from early April to mid November, with picnic shelter to store your cooler.
We encourage runners to stay together for the first 2 km. The 2 km mark is located just before the long bridge crossing, known as the Board of Education Pond. This social time helps to build friendships. After 2 km, runners find their pace and connect with others on their fitness level.

KW Trail Runners(see theirFacebook page)

Cambridge Harriers ( Cambridge)  * Low cost club (website: Cambridge Harriers Running Club )
The Cambridge Harriers is a diverse group of runners and a club that has evolved over the past 50 years. It started as a track and field club for mostly junior runners back in the 1960s. At one point it was one of the strongest clubs in Southern Ontario and boasted some national champions among it's 100 members. It started with the name South Waterloo Harriers, then became the Cambridge Track and Field Club until the early 1980s when the present name took hold. We are affiliated with Athletics Canada, the national governing body of running in Canada.
Nowadays the Harriers is primarily an adult running club with a membership of around 50 and most members are road racers. There is a good group of trail runners as well though. We meet twice on weeknights for coached sessions with shorter intervals and have a group long run on Saturday mornings. The Saturday run distance varies from 10 to 20 kilometres though some members go much longer in preparation for races. There is a junior runner component in the club when the need arises, and a few Harriers compete in masters track and cross country competitions. 
The Harriers organizes an annual 8 kilometre race that, starting in 2019, will be held on the Trans Canada Trail in town.

We enjoy training on the numerous trails and forests that the Cambridge area offers.  
Potential members are welcome to try any of our training sessions to see if the club is to their liking.                          
Health and Performance (Kitchener/Waterloo) * Low cost club. (website:
Health and performance is here to help you get fit, healthy and fast! We are meant to be affordable and accessible to absolutely everybody regardless of ability. We DO NOT care if you are just starting, or a seasoned veteran- we want to help you improve your health and athletic performance! Our entire system is based on a belief that in the pursuit of a higher level of performance in a fun way, you will achieve a health status that you never thought possible. By training your body to be at its best- of course you will get faster. But, in the process, you will mold yourself into a slimmer, more confident, stronger, happier and more empowered person.
Guelph Victors   (Guelph Ontario) * Low cost club (website:
Club profile:

Runners Choice ( Waterloo, Ontario)  * No cost group (website:

The groups meet on Monday and Thursday for a  Fun Run at 6:00 at the store. All comers are welcome to join, the lead group waits for the group at lights to keep together, various paces usually 5 to 7 K. Marathon Group meets Thursday at 6:00 from the store for quality workout and Sunday mornings from the store for the long run with distance depending on where they are in the program. Various paces. Winter includes Tuesday evening at the track at the Rec. Complex. On Wednesdays we have a Tempo group with a little quicker pace with some workouts incorporated into the runs . 6:15 from the store. Trail group starts when the trails dry up in April and goes Tuesday evenings from Sir John A Macdonald High School at 6:00. Friday morning run at 8:00 various starting points with Steve and Rebecca with a trail component. Lets start Running Clinic goes Monday and Thursday from the store and leaves at 6:00. Designed for beginners or people returning to running . It is a walk run program.

The Rarebits… * No cost group (website:
The Rarebits are an inclusive running community based out of the Waterloo Region. Runners associated with the Mudpuppy Race founded the Rarebits in 2014 for The World's Biggest Bake Sale charity event to raise money for local children's charities. The Rarebits are a community oriented running group focused on giving back through volunteer and charity work. The Rarebits welcome runners of all skill levels and capabilities and focus on supporting each member's individual running goals.

Guelph BarToads ... No cost group (website: Bar Toads)

A mixed trail and road group. Various paces. We currently have over 100 members and all are welcome. We meet Wednesday’s, Saturday’s and Sunday’s and can be contacted through We also do a lot of destination races but perfectly happy staying close to home too! Many of us run Conquer the Canuck.