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Have a question ... submit it by emailing the Race Director directly at conquerthecanuck@gmail.com and we will be happy to respond to your request.

​​When does registration start?
On-Line Registration will be available effective September 17, 2017.  Early-bird rates will apply to your registration if you register before the rate change dates. Refer to the Registration page on this website for additional details. 

How does the point structure work with respect to the Ultimate Canuck 2 day event, for the outrace series?

For the purpose of determining OUTRace Series points, the 50 km race and the 42.195 km race are separate races, since they are held on separate days. There are no "combined" points or "special" points for doing the 50 km race on Saturday and the 42.195 km race on Sunday. Finishers of the 50 km race will be given points in the OUTRace Ultra Series and the 50K Series, just as they would be for any other 50 km race in the Series, regardless of whether or not they do the 42.195 km race on the next day. The 42.195 km race is not in the Ultra Series, as 42.195 km is not an ultramarathon distance - No points will be given for completing the 42.195 km race (regardless of whether or not the participant did the 50 km race on the previous day). The 42.195 km race is not in the Trail Series either, as the Trail Series consists of races between 25 km and 34 km. The 25 km race is in the Trail Series. This is all consistent with the OUTRace rules which are posted at www.outrace.ca/rules

Who should I contact if I require additional information?
Refer to the Contact page on this website for additional details.

What type of accommodations are available for out of town guests?
Refer to the Accommodations page on this website for additional details.

How early may I pick up my race-kit package?
Race Kits will be available, in advance on Friday June 8, 2018 refer to Registration page for more details..

Note:  Pre-registration, prior to Race Day is mandatory.  No registrations will be permitted, at Shade's Mills, on Race Day!  Online Registration will close June 3, 2018 at midnight, or unless the event is fully subscribed. (See registration page for details.) 

Are the Start and Finish lines near each other?

Yes, both are located near the Toyota Nature Center, same location as your pre-race package pick-up.

Is there ample parking for all participants at the venue?

Yes, there is plenty of parking alongside of the Toyota Nature Center.  The venue can accommodate over 300 vehicles on site.

What kind of Medical support will be available at the Race?
You can expect to have a St. John Ambulance unit with medical kits. (8 am to 4 pm each day)

Will there be Massage Therapy available at the Race?
Yes, there will be massage therapy on-site refer to the Massage Therapy section under the General Info page for details.

Are their age restrictions for the races?

Yes, refer to the Age Restrictions section under the General Info page for details.

Will Shower facilities be available for Runners?

Yes refer to the Showers section under the General Info page for details.