​​​​Covid-19 Race Structure:

Saturday June 12, 2021  (updated Feb 24,2021)

50 KM - Limited Field of 75 maximum  (3 Groups of 25)  Group 1 -  8:00 am   Group 2 -  8:05 am  Group 3 -  8:10 am   Group 4 -  8:15 am

Ultimate Canuck (50 km stage one) Limited Field of 50 maximum  (2 Groups of 25 )   Group 1 - 8:20 am   Group 2 - 8:25 am 

Classic Canuck (25 km stage one) Limited Field of 25 maximum  (1 Group of 25 )  Group 1  - 8:30 am 

25 KM - Limited Field of 100  (4 Groups of 25)  Group 1 - 8:35 am   Group 2 - 8:40 am   Group 3 - 8:45am   Group 4 - 8:50 am

Sunday June 13, 2021  (updated Feb 24, 2021)

Ultimate Canuck (Marathon stage two) - Limited Field 50 maximum - 2  Groups of 25 -  Group 1 - 8:00 am  Group 2  - 8:05 am

Classic Canuck (Marathon stage two) - Limited Field 25 maximum  - 1 Group of 25 -  Group 1 - 8:10 am   

Marathon Only - Limited Field 50 maximum - 2 Groups of 25 - Group 1 - 8::15 am  Group 2  - 8:20 am 

8.9 KM - Limited Field 50 maximum - 2 Groups of 25 -  Group 1 -  8:25 am  Group 2  - 8:30 am

Starting position:

A starting list of all participants will be posted on this site with a link to the list by May 1 and all registrants will also be notified via Race Roster as event update.

Covid mitigation Co-ordinators:

There will be several Covid-19 mitigation Co-ordinators onsite to ensure all Covid rules are being maintained for your safety.

Health Screening:
Some of the more commonly reported symptoms of Covid-19 include:

• new or worsening cough,• shortness of breath or difficulty breathing • temperature equal to or over 38°C
• feeling feverish • chills • fatigue or weakness • muscle or body aches • new loss of smell or taste • headache
• gastrointestinal symptoms (abdominal pain, diarrhea, vomiting) • feeling very unwell

​Participants can expect:

  • St. John Ambulance will be onsite.
  • Health screening survey will be sent out in advance of race day to all participants.
  • Health screening questions will be re-asked prior to registration kit being distributed, on race day.


*Masks will be required before and or after running your event and for all staff, volunteers, & non-participants who are unable to safely social distance!

All staff, volunteers will have available:

  • Hand Sanitizer,• Gloves ,• Masks


All participants will have available:

  • Hand Sanitizer,• 6 foot distancing metrics in place in start/finish area ,• Replacement Masks in case of spoiling or loss of their own.

Portable Toilets:

Start Finisher area: Spaced 10 meters apart

On Course: around: 5.5 km

Race Kit Pick up (updated Feb 22, 2021 )
Race kit pick up will only be available at the venue, on Race Day. Race kits will be handed out to you in your car, just prior to entering the designated parking lots being used by the event. Signage will direct you after you enter the Conservation area.


All staff, volunteers and officials will be clearly educated on all aspects of their role with respect to the prevention of potential spread of COVID-19.

Fluid and Food Aid Stations:

  • All aid stations will have hand sanitizer bottles available for use.
  • Individual water bottles and ice will be available at each aid station.
  • Each race participant will be given a nutritional super goody bag with their registration kit to house in their personal cooler/container that can be left at designated area beyond the start/finish area. 

Awards and Recognition:

If Covid-19 restrictions are in place on event day,  social distancing will be enforced as you approach the Recognition area to receive your Finisher's award.

  • A full 100% refund will be granted to a race participant who cannot participate, due to developing COVID-19 within a month prior to race day, upon proof of a positive test.
  • ​All participants will have the option of receiving either a 50% refund or a deferral to our 2022 event should we be unable to host the 2021 event due to COVID-19 mandated cancellation.