Covid-19 Race Structure:

Staggered start times:
Due to the low number of registrants, start time will be 9 am with social distancing between participants to start out on the course. Your time will not start for your event til  you cross over the mat and your chip is recognized.

​Start/Finish area will be at the Chalet Shelter at Shades' Mills venue, follow signs as you enter the Conservation area.

Race Kit Pick up:
COVID-19 Self Screening Form:

Participants are required to complete a Self-Screen Assessment.  To save time on race day, you can print your assessment by using the link provided in your pre-race email then you can head directly to race kit pick-up in the morning with your signed form.  We will have copies available on site as well.  

Some of the more commonly reported symptoms of Covid-19 include:
• new or worsening cough,• shortness of breath or difficulty breathing • temperature equal to or over 38°C
• feeling feverish • chills • fatigue or weakness • muscle or body aches • new loss of smell or taste • headache
• gastrointestinal symptoms (abdominal pain, diarrhea, vomiting) • feeling very unwell​

Please read this carefully:
Participants will need to wear a mask for race-kit pick-up and for the start of the race- you can take it off after about 200m into the race.  If you are still very congested by this point (I don't think you will be since we have greatly reduced the number of participants on the course), please keep your mask on until you feel that you are adequately spaced out.

Please note: participants cannot pick-up their race kit without a completed COVID-19 Self Screening form.  Because of this, participants cannot pick-up race-kits for friends/family members.
You will also need to put on a mask if you are using the aid station.  If you are just running past the aid station to access your own cooler, you do not need to put your mask on.  
Participants will be asked to put their mask on as they come to pick up their finishing award(s).  
There are no exceptions to this rule.  If you are not planning on wearing a mask as indicated above, you WILL be disqualified from your challenge.  
These rules are in place to help protect our participants and volunteers.  

*a buff does not count as a mask per health authority guidance and will not be acceptable.​

Covid mitigation Co-ordinators:
There will be several Covid-19 mitigation Co-ordinators onsite to ensure all Covid rules are being maintained for your safety.

​​Participants can expect:

  • St. John Ambulance will be onsite.
  • Health screening survey will be sent out in advance of race day to all participants.
  • Hand Sanitizer,• 6 foot distancing metrics in place in start/finish area ,• Replacement Masks in case of spoiling or loss of their own.
  • ​All staff, volunteers and officials will be clearly educated on all aspects of their role with respect to the prevention of potential spread of COVID-19.

*Masks will be required before and or after running your event and for all staff, volunteers, & non-participants who are unable to safely social distance!

All staff, volunteers will have available:

  • Hand Sanitizer,• Gloves ,• Masks (It would be highly recommended that you bring along an appropriate mask that you are comfortable with).

Fluid and Food Aid Stations:

  • The aid station will have hand sanitizer bottles available for use.
  • Individual water bottles and ice will be available.
  • Each race participant will be given a nutritional super goody bag after they pick up their registration kit to house in their personal cooler/container that can be left at designated area beyond the start/finish area. It is highly recommended that if you require specific racing nutritional items, that you bring those along with  you.

Awards and Recognition:
Since Covid-19 restrictions are in place on event day, social distancing will be enforced as you approach the Recognition area to receive your Finisher's award.

The cost of parking is included in your race entry fee.  Please follow the signs to the start/finish area.  If you have any family members/ friends that are coming for the day AND ARE IN A SEPARATE VEHICLE, they will need to pay the entry fee.  Remember, spectators are permitted on site as long as Covid-19 protocol is adhered to with respect to social distancing and mask wearing.