Age Restrictions:

8.9 km Race
Minimum age is 10 (see below for why this decision has been made)

Ages 10, 11, 12 and 13
Distances: Any racing distance from 50m to 10km is reasonable. 10km programs, much like 5km programs, are goal- and experience-specific. The miles-per-week for a 10km training program will vary, but generally speaking, one should expect to run at least three to four days a week, with total weekly mileage being in the 10 to 20 range. It’s important to follow a program tailored to your goals and starting point.
25 km Race
Minimum age is 14 (see below for why this decision has been made)

42.195 km (Marathon), 50 km, Classic Canuck & Ultimate Canuck Races

Minimum age is 18 (see below for why this decision has been made)

Distances: Any racing distances up to a half marathon are doable with proper training. Ages 16 and older can manage a full marathon, although most races won’t let you compete until you are 18. When considering a half or full marathon, there are many more factors to consider:

Please ensure that your child considers the following before registering for an event. 

  1. Do I have three to six months to dedicate to training?
  2. Do I have five to six days a week available for training?
  3. Am I going to run/walk the race or run the entire distance?
  4. What are my time/race goals? Do I just want to finish standing up or run a sub-4 hour marathon?
  5. Am I mentally ready to run the distance, and even more importantly, am I physically conditioned for the training and race? I strongly recommend that anyone considering a half marathon or further distance checks with their doctor before starting the training.