Accreditation class AA  201806002

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The course will be the 2.5 km loop at Breithaupt Trail, located approximately 200 meters from the Centre. Follow cones on course. Aid station with water bottles will be provided.
The first group will leave from Breithaupt Centre at 10 am and the later group will leave a 11 am to connect on the trail.
Showers and change room are available, please bring a toonie as a donation if you plan to shower at the facility. Donation can will be available at the reception desk.
The fee is $15 and includes pizza, salad beverage and a chance to win draw prizes.
Our Special Guest will be Rachel Hannah.
Rachel won the Canadian Cross Country Championships in 2014. 
She represented Canada at the Pam Am games in 2015 and received a bronze medal in the Marathon with a time of 2:41:06. 
She completed the 2015 Ottawa Marathon 2:33:30, 
A Pb at the 2016 Houston Marathon of 2:32:09. 
2016 Canadian 10,000 Champ with a time of 33:07. 
Rachel will be speaking at 12:10 pm at the Breithaupt Centre and food will be available at 12:20 pm. Our MC will be Steve Thomas.
Draw prizes will take place at 12:40. One in three will win a prize.